The Best Wedding Photographers in Essex

I’m bringing you the very best of wedding photographers in Essex. Here is my short list of the very best photographers that I have looked at through searching Google, social media profiles, forums and wedding venues in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Time and time again, the most popular photographers that come up are:

  • David Dean Photographic
  • Danielle Smith Photography
  • Luke Hayden Photography
  • Scott Miller Photography
  • Paul Summerfield Photography
  • Justin Bailey

Essex wedding photography is a competitive field as you can see by the degree of skill each of these photographers possess. As such the all command a premium for their services, but that being said, it is all within line of other areas and still far less than those equivalent photographers in London.

Essex Wedding Photographer Prices (August 2020)

David Dean Photographic£1200-£2150
Danielle Smith Photography£1800-£3000
Luke Hayden Photography£400-POA
Scott Miller Photography£300-£2995
Paul Summerfield Photography£1150-£2050
Justin BaileyPOA